Want to Use Award-Winning Nonprofit Fundraising Software? That's GiveSmart!

'Best Use of Technology for Interaction and Participation'

For the second year in a row, GiveSmart won an award at the global Event Technology Awards, and we are busy celebrating! You can celebrate with us by getting a demo of this winning fundraising software for nonprofits.

Just sign up for a demo with the form to the right, and we'll contact you shortly to show you just what made the judges pick GiveSmart's mobile bidding and donation software to be the "best use of technology for interaction and participation."  


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Raise More Money than Ever with Our Award-Winning Donation Software

Using a new online fundraising software can be risky: will it work, or will it just be an additional expense you don't need? Well, if there was ever a time to try a nonprofit fundraising software, then this is it! 


Because you'll save a lot of money on this great deal. Plus, since you know you'll be using a winner, the risk is a lot less...risky.  


Mobile Bidding

Get your guests away from the table and interacting with your event - or let them bid on items from anywhere. Mobile bidding and silent auction software allows you to make the bidding process a lot easier for your guests through state-of-the-art tools like instant outbid notifications and mobile payments. Plus, there is no need for your guests to download yet another app.


Smooth Check-in/Check-Out

Have you ever had a long line of guests all trying to get signed in or (more likely) get checked out with their winnings so they can go home? The process can be long and un-fun. But with GiveSmart, it's all done online - so when your guests want to leave, they can quickly do so without all of the hassle that used to slow them down. 


Interactive Leaderboards

Make your event look better than ever by showcasing interactive leaderboards. These displays let your guests know who is winning for each item, how much things are going for, where they may be able to get a steal on a great item, and how much longer things are open. All of this encourages people to want to bid more. (Plus, it looks stylish too!) This is just one of the great silent auction software features we offer.