65 Ideas for Your School Fundraising!

Creating your fundraising plan for this school year? Or already have a plan, but want to add some more ideas to your list? Well, this free ebook has you covered!

In it, you'll find tips on creating a planning team, coming up with a timeline, AND 65 different ideas for school fundraisers. 

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How this ebook can help your organization

Want to know a little bit more about what you will find in this school fundraising ebook?


Creating a Planning Team

One of the first things you will find in this book is advice on creating your planning team, including what types of people you may want to make sure get on your committee. 


Coming Up With a Year Long Plan

Once you've got your team together, you'll want to get a look at the big picture of what your fundraising is supposed to do this school year. That's why this book has some tips for you on this very topic. 


Getting the Creative Juices Flowing

Once it is time to come up with some actual school fundraisers for your year-long goals, this book becomes really helpful. We've got 65 ideas for you that will help you get started!