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This page has everything school fundraisers need: free resources, answers to problems many schools face when it comes to fundraising, and information on how the GiveSmart technology can make it easier than ever to raise the funds you need to educate America!

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In a class by itself, our fundraising solution offers intuitive, effective technologies and services to your school. We promise a stellar return on investment that translates into more than just numbers. 


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10 Tips for Improving School Fundraising

We often hear schools say that they struggle because they have the same small pool of potential donors every year; those donors just don't understand why the school needs more money; and even when they want to give, they just don't always have the money to do so.

That is why we created this video: it gives ten tips on how to overcome these obstacles and start raising more and more each year. 


Ease Your Fundraising Course Load 

  • Sell tickets at no extra charge
  • Manage event from one dashboard
  • Customize leaderboards to display real-time activity
  • Generate customizable item sheets automatically
  • Process payments and donations by the push of a button
  • Focus on development of the school community

Create an A+ Experience for Your Donors 

  • Purchase tickets, access event and auction information from one site
  • Provide seamless check-in and paperless self check-out
  • Generate and issue tax receipts automatically
  • Keep bidders active with mobile outbid notifications
  • Allow all to participate with no smart phone required
  • Involve the extended family even if they are unable to attend

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